Council Information

The Council has established a permanent office at Langstone Business Park where the Clerk works at various times during the week, usually on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Callers are welcome to visit and speak to the Clerk in person by appointment, or "drop in" and speak to the Receptionists.

The Council also displays information, official notices and information concerning its events on each of its seven noticeboards located at:

Hillcroft Garage / Spar Shop
Llandevaud Triangle
Magor Road, Pencoed Lane bus stop
Blossom Close
Langstone Village Hall
Priory Drive, opposite the entrance to Priory Farm
Rosecroft Drive

Langstone Centenary Field (formerly Park End Playing Field)

The Council lease the Centenary Field from Newport City Council and are responsible for its maintenance. The Council is wholly responsible for the maintenance of the play equipment including the Multi-Use Games Area. Any faults or damage to any of the equipment should be reported to the Clerk to ensure the safety of all users. Any misuse or damage to the equipment or the Playing Field should be reported immediately to the police.